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Alexandros Liakopoulos

... interest to geopolitics and the international balance of power questions. In the past, Alexandros has worked to and/or cooperated with various international institutions (European Parliament and the ...

The 21st Century War Games and the Greek Position

... seems to have resigned from her future, fighting either to preserve an finished and bankrupt past, or failing to define its views and interests to delimit, then, her right decisions, actions and choices. ...


... conscience.   3.   ON INTEREST AND JUSTICE The desintegration of former Yugoslavia gave birth or rebirth , depending on their case,to seven new states .   Furthermore , bey ...

Never Again, Interrupted!

... ope, our own Europe, as was the case in the 90's, is also now divided. There are antagonistic interests between the EU states. Their stance throughout the on- going turmoil in the Arab world indicates absenc ...

BSV Policies

...  and ideas are the property of BSV and a conflict of interest may exist if you use them for personal benefit without prior written consent from BSV, for which all rights are reserved from BSV. One ma ...

Affiliated Member Pledge

... s tend to criticize them as unconventional. I will at all times avoid any conflict of interest and will not fail to perform my services to the best of my abilities. Should a conflict of interest exis ...

DELPHI Method Research & Analysis

... the various needs of our partners, under the coordination of the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Management. We are particularly interested in fields connected to the European Politics and the European Economic Crisis, ...

International Relations Strategic Design

... to apply the DELPHI Method as validation tool Data Analytics Key Players Recognition & Profiling      “Friends”: Characteristics, Identities, Common Interests, Categorization ...

World Forum On Natural Capital

... capital accounting into action. It will build on the enormous private sector interest shown at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio in June 2012 and the many developments that have taken place since. ...

Mind Tank Collective Intelligence Function

... information from a variety of resources, covering multiple fields of interest. Having in mind that the volume of participating experts, their diversification and their acknowledged respective expertises, ...

Our Adventures

Within the first six months of the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS creation, we have:   - developed the business plan of an e-commerce start-up under the concept of a "social oriented business"; We rest sur ...

Open Source Network

... VERITAS Collective Intelligence and their overall flexibility, accuracy and accountability make our Network of Experts thriving for excellence. All interested parties should read carefully the BRIGHTSiGHT ...

Fields of Competence and Expertise

... multiple international actors affecting the international institutional, political and economic relations with their actions and decisions, while we maintain a strong interest to all the UN Natural Capital ...

32, Rue de la Fontaine, L 5414, Canach - Luxembourg

+352 691 794 890



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