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The 21st Century War Games and the Greek Position

... ey produce immediate results, especially on those who are not trained in the separation of the stimuli and the produced results on the understanding of any information. They are dangerous weapons that can ...

Towards a Global Network of Crisis Rooms

...  by everyone in the same way;  information with operational value should be shared in real time. Without deep understanding of the driving factors behind a given crisis, withouth a good analysis o ...

BSV Policies

... keep the client information and/or records of client activity confidential; we will only use proprietary client information with the client's permission and written consent.  We will assure no on ...

Affiliated Member Pledge

... d in time while performing my duties. I will always inform the BSV and/or the BSV client in accordance to the project’s needs of my basic approach to the task I was assigned and be direct and fast in informati ...

World Forum On Natural Capital

... the highest international standards. Information materials, networking, concrete proposals advocacy, lobbying, funding opportunities, etc. will be provided to our business partners. This is an information ...

Mind Tank Collective Intelligence Function

... information from a variety of resources, covering multiple fields of interest. Having in mind that the volume of participating experts, their diversification and their acknowledged respective expertises, ...

Open Source Network

... VERITAS connected projects, appointments of representation and/or research, opinion polling and quality oriented assessment of information. All members of the Network set the generator of the BRIGHTSiGHT ...

Modus Operandi

...  assures it is in position to gather and assess information from independent networks, on a multidimensional expertise. The BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Action Team delivers services on strategic design and development ...

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