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Alexandros Liakopoulos

... interest to geopolitics and the international balance of power questions. In the past, Alexandros has worked to and/or cooperated with various international institutions (European Parliament and the ...

The 21st Century War Games and the Greek Position

... tioned. Syria, just a few months ago, and - less - Iran, were also examples of this determination. These are not the only ones, but they are perhaps the most powerful signals from Putin's side during this  ...


... I quote '' the courage of men and women,the strength of the will of the peoples and the power of the ideas... have opened a new era of democracy , peace and unity in Europe''.   In fact the the ...

Never Again, Interrupted!

... the peoples and the power of the ideas... have opened a new era of democracy, peace and unity in Europe. It was clear that the ''Never Again'' statement was once more very present in speeches and minds d ...

Face On In East China Sea: A Chicken Game Made For Giants

... their nature. When Power Giants chose to challenge each other on an important – at least for the one of the implicated parties – strategic environment, which risks to get transformed to Death Ground due ...

Horizon 2020: an opportunity Europe cannot afford to miss

...  to them in their own language and in/to their own places – through physical campaigns but also social media campaigns and innovative “gamification” tools – they will be transformed to the collective powe ...

BSV Policies

...  and power of demonstrated social commitment. 3.      Proprietary Rights The BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Thinking Network of Experts and the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Thinking Mind Tank ...

Strategic Managment

... analysis and development, with a special focus in geopolitics and geo-economics - power balance analysis; Horizon scanning; Futures' analysis along with wild cards and black swans spotting; Strategic ...

Our Guiding Values

... Collective Intelligence of our Network drives our Innovative approaches and vice versa. Change: We are a power of Change and we exist because of Change in international business, international environment ...

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