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The BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Collective Intelligence: Structure and Function

The BSV Thinking Network of Experts is a Collective Intelligence Generator, capable to be aware of and scientifically assess data-driven information from a variety of resources, covering multiple fields of interest.

Having in mind that the volume of participating experts, their diversification and their acknowledged respective expertises, along with the ability to channel their respective remarks to one collective understanding and/or decision, we have adopted an "open-source" approach to the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Thinking Network of Experts' participation (Open-Source Call), inviting internationally recognized experts and professionals, thinkers, influencers and innovators, can become part of our inner workings and projects every time their expertise is requested.

The BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Professionalism Standards assure that our Experts' Network is based on ethics and values of magnitude. We assure the anonymity of our Systems Thinking Network and we only publish the number of affiliated experts and the fields of their respective competences and/or expertise.

The Team of Experts that each time gets formed is designed in accordance to the projects' specifications and needs, matching them with the skills, expertise, knowledge and physical presence of our members.




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