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Towards a Global Network of Crisis Rooms

Global Network of Crisis Rooms

BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS will participate to the High-level Conference on Managing Complex International Crises of the EAAS, "Towards a Global Network of Crisis Rooms", which will take place in Brussels, the 3rd and 4thh of December 2013.

We find ourselves in perfect agreement with the message of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the European Commission, Baroness Catherine Ashton, stating: "...complex issues require complex solutions. Complex solutions require multiple contributions. Strengthening cooperation requires that a crisis is framed and understood by everyone in the same way;  information with operational value should be shared in real time. Without deep understanding of the driving factors behind a given crisis, withouth a good analysis of the possible scenarios, without a robust feed of operational information, no administration can define its options, both at national and international level."

Opperating within an international environment of augmented uncertainty and doubtful sustainability that make risks multiplying and crises develop accordingly, establishing a channel of permanent, trustworthy interaction and cooperation of various international actors can provide with a way through uncertainties under better chances for success.

The succesful accomplishment of the target of creation and maintenace "... of a Global Inventory of 24H Situation Centres of Crisis Rooms operating within states that are EU's Strategic Partners" is essential for accurate responses in accurate, near-real-time, mode, the need for which is only going to multiply in the years to come.

For questions, thoughts and ideas that you would like us to deliver to the Conference, please contact us to

For more information, you can also visit the website of the conference here 

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Nature needs human intervention so a complete and total collapse of the ecosystems is avoided. Not intervening is not an option any more. However, human intervention risks to become the very reason for overall failure of the ecosystems, due to ignorance and arrogance, lack of resources or conflicting interests. The discussion on Sustainability of the ecosystems put in front of us questions of scientific, ethical and political nature, bearing enormous economic impacts reflecting to the total of the human resources of the planet and all social structures.

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