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World Forum on Natural Capital: get involved and stay connected.


Nature needs human intervention so a complete and total collapse of the ecosystems is avoided. Not intervening is not an option any more. However, human intervention risks to become the very reason for overall failure of the ecosystems, due to ignorance and arrogance, lack of resources or conflicting interests. The discussion on Sustainability of the ecosystems put in front of us questions of scientific, ethical and political nature, bearing enormous economic impacts reflecting to the total of the human resources of the planet and all social structures.


Entering the brand new era we call Anthropocene, humans and ecosystems become more interdependent than ever; one’s failure drives the other’s failure and vice-versa; success, on the other hand, is difficult to capture and even more complicated to manage and sustain. A big number of  innovative approaches and new knowledge provide us today with unprecedented capacities, which literaly affect the basic meaning of life, extending their fields of interest beyond life as we know it; promise to provide with cheap (or even free), clean and easy to handle energy, green and white; set the necessary environment for advanced human-machine interaction and collective intelligence projects, aiming to develop accurate, sustainable answers to the puzzling Mega-Question of the Future: the Climate Change and the resulting Collapse of the Ecosystems, which have already started manifesting their disasterous power.

So far, one may claim humans have failed the nature to a much bigger extend than the opposite. Revenge-theorists believe it is pay-back time and current events along with well founded scientific projections justify their argument. Yet, our relation to the Natural Capital needs not to be a zero-sum game. We need to rapidly conceive and develop of a win-win scenario, where humans’ success would mean nature’s success, putting a final end to the era of our mutually conflicting relations. Should we manage to do so, we will come closer to stabilizing and maintaining the Natural Capital in a manner that will go beyond our past experiences and social/political/economic conventions of our species, in order to meet the pressing demands of Nature, which we cannot opt to fail. With last years' research and scientific results, we have come closer and closer to the founded conclusion that there can really be no other way to go forward and achieve a better than foreseen future. Should we fail, all will fail and there is nothing more to say about this.

 BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS welcomes the World Forum on Natural Capital with the wish it will become the cornerstone the humankind needs in the forestep of the Anthropocene Era. Being a Change grounded organisation committed to sustainable development and innovative intelligence that boosts cooperation beyond the notion of corporate profitability under a strict scope, we foresee to the event with the highest expectations. We rest sure that through the involvement of a wide number of key stakeholders to the World Forum, success may become a very concrete place and date for future generations to remember: Edinburgh, the 21st and 22nd of November 2013.

 We invite everyone to connect to the workings of the World Forum on Natural Capital and take active part in it, physically on their own or through active respresentatives. All connected parties will enable themselves, their respective organizations, their networks and their society at large to be aligned to the cause of preserving, sustaining and protecting the Natural Capital. The biggest possible number of participants would not miss to produce the optimal possible result in concrete terms. The business synergies and the political will that are needed for our future can be shaped, promoted and developed this November in Edinburgh and then to the rest of the world. So, I invite you to participate, get informed and stay connected with the Natural Capital Agenda and use the World Forum as your first active commitment demonstration.



Alexandros K. Liakopoulos,

September 2013


The Natural Capital Agenda is the Burning Issue of the 21st Century.


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