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This is to certify that I want to become a member of the BSV Thinking Network of Experts and the BSV Systems Thinking Mind Tank and willing to be associated with future BSV projects, researches or other BSV activities, upon an Official Agreement to be signed.

  1. I am an Expert[1] in my field.
  2. I will participate in all BSV activities in good faith and under the highest level of professional standards, respecting all BSV policies and the Code of Ethics.
  3. I will respect and act under the BSV Four Guiding Values to all my BSV connected activities.
  4. I will act to fulfill my duties in a transparent and accountable way, securing my consultancy stays 100% relevant to costumer’s needs, project’s needs and BSV policies.
  5. I will always clearly specify my role in the client's project or assignment in order to undertake any given task and/or use the BSV Network and/or its name, in accordance to BSV Project Participation/Cooperation Policy, which clearly foresees that a Project Assignment Contract has to be signed by both parties – BSV and me - every time a project and/or specific need appear, for which I maintain all rights both to accept and decline my participation for whichever reason. My fee will also be clarified in every Project Assignment Contract.
  6. I will always adapt to the individuality of my client's problems or needs while fulfilling my tasks, under the above mentioned parameters. I will adjust to the point the BSV Values, Ethics and Policies are not violated in any sense.
  7. My recommendations will always be feasible, even if their innovative nature may make them seem otherwise, or current perceptions tend to criticize them as unconventional.
  8. I will at all times avoid any conflict of interest and will not fail to perform my services to the best of my abilities. Should a conflict of interest exists or appears while performing my duties, I will inform directly the BSV Management and cooperate to avoid any unintended future conflict of interest in the best possible way for the project and for BSV.
  9. I will never deceive the BSV Management, the BSV Network and/or the client/project I was assigned to perform my services for whatsoever reason.
  10. I will always be honest, transparent, communicative and in time while performing my duties.
  11. I will always inform the BSV and/or the BSV client in accordance to the project’s needs of my basic approach to the task I was assigned and be direct and fast in information sharing and communications.
  12. I will maintain total confidentiality with regard to my client's business, to data that came under my knowledge on a privileged basis even if not under Non-Disclosure Agreement Status, to official and unofficial discussions, communications and information-flows and to all other BSV related services of mine.
  13. I will work to the best of my professional ability to ensure the quick success of each project I was assigned with.
  14. Charges for expenses over and above my regular fee will always be fair and accurate.

If you agree to BSV Affiliated Member Pledge click here to become member

[1] We define an Expert as having at least five years of international experience in the field of his/her competence, two publications, or relevant academic credentials, or patents and intellectual property rights or having demonstrated extraordinary innovative thinking and we maintain the right to acknowledge such a capacity to whoever individual the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Applications’ Committee see fit.

BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Privacy Policy guarantees that we keep the data of all affiliated members under Full Confidentiality and never publish them without their prior consent. However, believing that taking the BSV pledge in public is an asset for all international professionals and experts, we encourage our members to take the pledge socially and publish their commitment. However, in BSV terms, we consider the Pledge as a binding prerequisite for all BSV assignments.

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