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BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS operates in accordance to Four Guiding Values, aiming to assure the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Social Responsibility, Transparency and Global Commitments Policy as our Modus Operandi and deliver of hi-quality services in the field.

  1. Excellence: Excellence in all our actions comprises integrity and pays attention to any single detail. We agree with Aristotle that “excellence is not an act but a habit”, occurring again and again or not occurring at all, and we see that all our members, materials, products and services are excellence-oriented in all details.

  2. Trustworthiness: We are an organization of Trustworthy people, offering Trustworthy services, based on a Trustworthy ground, our Code of Ethics and the Social Responsibility, Transparency and Global Commitments Policy. We base our existence in State-of Art Expertise Based Consultancy and not mere compliance with the law and qualification standards. We are a “Veritas” based organization of senior consultants and we value honesty and accountability, along with transparency in everything we do, as our very reason for existence.

  3. Innovative Intelligence: we provide with innovative solutions and approaches based on well-recognized scientific methods, under the highest level of professional standards. We go far beyond “business as usual”, incorporating modern techniques to give solutions to the unique requests of our projects. The Collective Intelligence of our Network drives our Innovative approaches and vice versa.

  4. Change: We are a power of Change and we exist because of Change in international business, international environment and the current state of human knowledge. We believe that the positive interaction and correlation of experts in different fields of competence may provide with a very positive impact to the global problems of the world and we were conceived to act as a Collective Intelligence provider aiming to change current state of affairs in Service providing. We Change continuously and we promote Change continuously as we believe that Change may give the answer to all questions, if and when Excellence, trustworthiness and Innovative Intelligence are applied, under a reliable Code of Ethics.

32, Rue de la Fontaine, L 5414, Canach - Luxembourg

+352 691 794 890



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