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The Art of Virality: a clinic analysis of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Ebola and the ISIS Terror Campaign


Alexandros K. Liakopoulos, CEO and Chief Strategist


This is an analysis on the emerging strategic realities and threats, methods and tactics of modern info wars. The paper brings in a single framework and concept of analysis all viral phenomena, be it human-to-human, human-to-machine, machine-to-machine and human-to-machine-to-human.



During the last months the Ice Bucket Challenge hits the World of the West; some of the Rest may also get affected and suffer from its manifestations, but mainly the virus is contained within massive social media penetrated societies. This is Information Era virality and to be threatened one should primarily be connected. This means not that the virus may not be transmitted with human-to-human interaction; but it certainly means it is a “machine-born” virus, escalating its transmition with machine-to-human interaction; it copies itself, it multiplies and it replicates, within their hosts, affecting their overall health, judgment and actions, as all biological agents also do. This also means we are already beyond the concept of computer virus, far into the land of the “Machine Use of the Human Beings”, to paraphrase, Norbert Wiener’s “The Human Use of Human Beings” [1], one of the Initial Scripts of Information Cosmology that is.

 We are already far into the land of exchange of substance between human and the machine, both ways. This is a drastically new factor of the environment, of the cosmos[2] that is, disrupting it in a holistic manner and affecting all notions, ideas and manifestations of realities. This new external environment needs to get analyzed for its strategic and conceptual implications and results, as it is within strategically defined environments that the info wars of today have replaced, substituted or combined harmonically with more brutal manifestations of the human activity of war.

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Welcoming Dr. Naskou-Perraki to the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Mind Tank


Dr.Naskou-PerrakiIt is a great honor and pleasure to announce Dr. Paroula Naskou-Perraki, International Law & International Organizations Professor at the University of Macedonia – UNESCO Chair, becomes a member of the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Mind Tank.

Dr. Naskou-Perraki will be the Mind Tank Coordinator for Education, International Law and Ethics.

Dr. Naskou-Perraki has a long experience and deep expertise in teaching and inspiring, transmitting knowledge and cultivating thought.

She served at the School of Law of Democritus University of Thrace (1974-1993) and she joined the University of Macedonia in 1994.

Dr. Naskou-Perraki was awarded as an Honorary Doctor from the School of Law and History of the Neophyt Risky University of Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria, 2003).

She has served as a:

  • visiting professor at the School of Law of the Capital University (Columbus, Ohio, 2001, 2009 & 2011),
  • coordinator and teaching fellow at the Summer School of the aforementioned University which was held in Thessaloniki (1998-2005),
  • visiting professor at the National School of Judges (1998-2005),
  • visiting professor at the European Master’s in Human Rights and Democratization (Lido, Venice, 2002),
  • representative of Greece at the EU-China Dialogue on Human rights (Beijing, 2003),
  • visiting professor at the Master’s Program of the World Trade Organisation (MILE, Bern, 2003-2004),
  • representative of Greece at the Iran-EU Dialogue on Human Rights (Brussels, 2003, and Tehran, 2004),
  • expert on issues regardinga refugees at the asylum committee during the Greek presidency (2003),
  • member of the Ministry of Justice Working Committee for the reform on the juvenile law (2001-2002),
  • «judge» at the semi-finals of the Moot Court Competition which is being held on an annual base by Telders Organising Office in the Hague, the Netherlands (1998-2007),
  • Visiting Professor at the International Institute of Human Rights (Strasbourg, 2010).
  • Secretary of the Board of the Center of International and European Economic Law (1997-2007) and
  • Co-Editor of the Hellenic Review of European Law (2004-2007).
  • Ad hoc Judge at the European Court of Human Rights[2011- }

Over the years, Dr. Naskou-Perraki has organized a big number of conferences on International and EU Law and taught in a number of educational seminars to Judges from all countries of South Eastern Europe, Turkey and Cyprus; she was project leader in a number of EU Phare – Institution Building programmes for the preparation of candidate countries to EU, namely Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, FYROM, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Malta and Turkey.

She is the Director of the UNESCO Chair on Intercultural Policy of the University of Macedonia (2004-). Since 2001 she has been organizing the Thessaloniki International Student Model United Nations at the University of Macedonia {Thessismun}, for which she was awarded by the United Nations the title of the «Friend of the United Nations» (2007).

She has published extensively in English, French and Greek monographs, educational books and many scientific papers on International Law, the Law of International Organizations, the International Protection of Human Rights, the EC/EU Law, and Diplomatic and Consular Law.

She is a happy mother of two children.

Coming to the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Mind Tank, we are confident that Dr. Naskou-Perraki will contribute to our Collective Intelligence with her vast knowledge and wisdom, her passion and energy and her restless, always youthful spirit.

We welcome her with our warmest thoughts and rest sure she will once more manage to surprise us, our network and our friends in a very positive manner: she always does and she even makes it seem easy.


Alexandros K. Liakopoulos

CEO - Mind Tank Coordinator

Welcoming Ambassador Alexandros Mallias to the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Mind Tank


Alexandros Mallias

It is a great pleasure to announce that Amabassador (ad.hon.) Alexandros Mallias becomes a member of the BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS Mind Tank, responsible for International Diplomacy, the Balkans and the Middle East.

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USA Torture Report: the End of the Lies and the Lies of the End


TortureThe US Torture Report that was publicly released on Tuesday, December 9th 2014, and presented by US Senator Dianne Feinstein is a summary of the findings after 6.3 million CIA pages got thoroughly examined. As Reuters explains in its opening paragraph of the opening article the day after the Torture Bomb was exposed:  “The CIA misled the White House and public about its torture of detainees after the Sept. 11 attacks and acted more brutally and pervasively than it acknowledged, …, drawing calls to prosecute American officials.”

The Torture Report is a punch in the stomach of the Wholly Ghosts of Western Civilization, Human Rights and the Rule of Law. The despicable acts performed from US officials or US certified providers of services of torture, which “consists of a second scandal” according to The Guardian, which happened within US premises, which operated under US authority or authority of aligned partners and proxy-states, to which CIA maintained the management of the premises and the overall overview of the torture machine, beyond a defeat of the State of Law within USA also prove the limits of the International System when it comes to protecting the Human Rights of adversaries at the hands of their enemies, in real-time, when their protection is most needed. Through this report, one may draw two certain conclusions: first, USA failed to protect its constitution and to prove credible towards its international obligations to fellow states of the UN and to all members of the human kind, since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights maintains its universality; second, the International System failed also and – once more – proved to be more of a fallacy and a wishful or counter-wishful thinking than what its name supposes it to be. With this report, International System proves it is neither international, nor a system, as far as it greatly failed to protect in the most profound way the dignity and the life of prisoners, for who it de facto accepted to be characterized as “combatants of terrorist organizations” instead of prisoners of war, or just human beings, in order to deprive them of the rights deriving from Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN. 

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The 21st Century War Games and the Greek Position

1by Alexandros K. Liakopoulos, CEO & Chief Strategist, BRIGHTSiGHT VERITAS 3.7.2014
Monographic analysis on war and the international system during “the teenage-hood” of the 21st century, for Foreign Affairs – Greek Edition, issue: April 2014
Translation from the original Greek article to English was done by Mr Konstantinos Mouratidis, Expert on European and International Relations. Athens - June 2014.


The world has changed. It will not change. It changed. This happened already and happens still; and it will continue happening. This is not something that will occur sometime in the future with a definitive and irrevocable event, although there will surely be many of those in the years towards the end of the adolescence and the beginning of the maturity of the 21st century. A series of developments and events are the ones constituting this Big Change to which I refer. It is a mosaic, a medley of revolutionary developments of exponential growth in the industries and technologies of communication, transportation, biology, economy and – of course – strategy and the art of politics.

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