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USA Torture Report: the End of the Lies and the Lies of the End


TortureThe US Torture Report that was publicly released on Tuesday, December 9th 2014, and presented by US Senator Dianne Feinstein is a summary of the findings after 6.3 million CIA pages got thoroughly examined. As Reuters explains in its opening paragraph of the opening article the day after the Torture Bomb was exposed:  “The CIA misled the White House and public about its torture of detainees after the Sept. 11 attacks and acted more brutally and pervasively than it acknowledged, …, drawing calls to prosecute American officials.”

The Torture Report is a punch in the stomach of the Wholly Ghosts of Western Civilization, Human Rights and the Rule of Law. The despicable acts performed from US officials or US certified providers of services of torture, which “consists of a second scandal” according to The Guardian, which happened within US premises, which operated under US authority or authority of aligned partners and proxy-states, to which CIA maintained the management of the premises and the overall overview of the torture machine, beyond a defeat of the State of Law within USA also prove the limits of the International System when it comes to protecting the Human Rights of adversaries at the hands of their enemies, in real-time, when their protection is most needed. Through this report, one may draw two certain conclusions: first, USA failed to protect its constitution and to prove credible towards its international obligations to fellow states of the UN and to all members of the human kind, since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights maintains its universality; second, the International System failed also and – once more – proved to be more of a fallacy and a wishful or counter-wishful thinking than what its name supposes it to be. With this report, International System proves it is neither international, nor a system, as far as it greatly failed to protect in the most profound way the dignity and the life of prisoners, for who it de facto accepted to be characterized as “combatants of terrorist organizations” instead of prisoners of war, or just human beings, in order to deprive them of the rights deriving from Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN. 

TortureFurthermore, as US imposed torture spilled-over and affected “allied”, “friendly” and “willing” nations, becoming a widespread international disease that finally affected 54 countries according to Open Society, and reported by the Independent, not counting USA who organized the torture machine to this total. Obviously, CIA was prudent enough not to violate US Constitution on US soil, something indicative of cognition of the illegality and unconstitutionality of this policy of “torture against terror”.

The report is a document on the most profound crimes ever recorded against human rights and human dignity. Rectal rehydration and feeding, waterboarding, sensory and sleep deprivation, severe beating, humiliation, threatening, terrorizing and the list goes on and on. Terror on terror have been introduced as a policy, aiming to produce results of intelligence that could then be used to stop terrorist attacks against the USA, American citizens or American interests. Days in, days out, sometimes for over two weeks, prisoners of “black sites” were tortured to the point of being completely deprived of their sanity or even their very personality. What is described in the pages of the report cannot but bring in memory to its extremity the Stanford Prison Experiment and the logic of the Shock Therapy so vividly described by Naomi Klein in her famous “Shock Doctrine”.

TortureIt also brings in mind the Nazis and their famous Gestapo along with all those reasons for which people fought and died in the past so they give an end to the politics of torture against human beings, nations and civilizations. This connection got well observed from former CIA analyst Raymond McGovern as reported by Sputnik and from blogger Ian Geldard who twitted “The Gestapo called it "Verschärfte Vernehmung". Exactly the same term "enhanced interrogation" used by CIA #TortureReport”. Gerald’s twit got reported by New York Times, who also published a very interesting timeline on the History of CIA’s Secret Interrogation Program.

Numerous bloggers used the hashtag #TortureReport to twit everything shocking enough to be twitted. Trevor Timm, Executive Director of Freedom of Press, twitted “CIA leadership refused to punish officer who literally killed a detainee during torture session” and “Still mind-boggling the CIA was allowed to illegally hack into Senate computers to spy on the torture report authors with no consequences” among other. “Surgeon, Writer, Researcher, Dilettante” Dr. Atul Gawande got very impressed with doctors’ and psychologists’ participation to the torture sessions and kept the debate alive with tens of twits. These aim only to serve as examples. Twitter “exploded” something that Al Jazeera spotted and reported with a vivid representation of the twits, titling “Watch the world react to release of CIA 'torture report”.

TortureAs was well expected, security concerns were expressed from CIA all the way till the Report finds its way to publicity. As Reed Brody observed on Democracy Now!,  the report “is not surprising, but shocking”. Not surprising, because all these were well documented by numerous ex-spies, authors and investigative reporters (see “The Reluctant Spy”, J. Kyriakou & Michael Ruby, John Kyriakou, 2009; “Dirty Wars”, J. Scahill, Nation Books, New York, 2013; “The United States of Fear”, Tom Engelhardt, Tom Dispatch Book, Heymarket Books, Chicago, 2011; “Delivered into Enemy Hands: US Abuse and Rendition of Opponents to Gaddafi’s Libya”, Human Rights Watch, 2012), but nevertheless shocking because of their brutality and inhumane nature, shocking because they proved that the slogan “never again!” that got famous to the aftermath of WW II had within two generations disintegrated to the point of losing “never” and remaining as “again!”.

Human Rights, Torture, Inefficiency and CIA Lies: Examining the Foundations and Implications of a Shocked and Shock-Provoking Report

To the aftermath of WW II, Human Rights came into practice aiming to exclude any similar atrocity from reoccurring and legally abiding all nations of the world, all institutions and all people towards the fundamental protection of Human Rights and Human Dignity against any possible violation, irrespectively to the reasons or the causes or the necessities that may be invoked from those people disrespecting their fundamental value, in their effort to override them, disregard them or delete them altogether. The US Torture Report consists of a living proof that similar provisions have most greatly been override and disregarded and practically deleted for those human beings that were unlucky enough to get accused for crimes they never were informed to be accused of, rightly or wrong that is, from an authority they never met and to which they are not subjected to. This led them being snapped instead of arrested under a legal procedure, from intelligence agents instead of officers of the law; in lots of cases, they were never legally charged with crimes, depriving them from enjoying the protections of the Law while under custody. Further, they got transferred and imprisoned to third countries who acted as hosting states of the facilities, with or without having concrete knowledge of the very existence of the sites or the procedures followed there. The prisoners were kept there for prolonged periods of time, under the most severe tortures, which were justified under the need to protect and defend the US national security. In a word aiming to describe the extent to which the USA violated the most fundamental of Human Rights provisions, the report is apocalyptic.

TortureShocked from their findings, the US lawmakers who undertook the essential effort of bringing the US Torture Report into light could not but produce a particularly shocked and shock-provoking report, triggering a similar shock-effect to the rest of the world while reporting on their findings. The first point the Report brings into light is the “inefficiency” of the “enhanced interrogation techniques”, as they have failed to produce actionable intelligence, or have even produced rigged intelligence.

Practically, what the report says is what logic implies and psychology knows for quite some decades; it is also what torturers know throughout the centuries and what critics of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and other CIA sites have been advocating for over a decade now: people under severe stress, pain and torture are capable of admitting anything and/or adhering to anything, as long as they hope to make the pain or torture stop. Whatever they might say under torture though, is neither to be trusted, nor to be used. Intelligence comes not out of pain. Pain may produce the subordination of the tortured to the torturer and the “breaking” of the human soul; this however has no intelligence value. Nothing is new there. All these are already well-established scientific facts for long time. So, the very fact that the matter of efficiency is questioned and analyzed as “finding No1” can be read as a clear sign that the Torture Report is a product of a research team who got shocked on its findings most severely for and from the wrong reasons and not the right ones.

There was nothing at all to be said on the efficiency of the methods, period. What could be said on efficiency should not be towards actionable intelligence’s production or failure to production, but towards the very dehumanization of the torturers, of the tortured and of the very fabrics of human nature, along with the nature of the society this nature creates and gets created by, which can nourish and commit such fundamental crimes in the first place, deny them for long afterwards and at the end, while coming to the point of admitting them, instead of being brave enough to condemn them altogether, rather preferring to inspect their efficiency. In this sense, the Torture Report proves that the US political authorities have become so much affected from the ideology of torture they have long been adhering to, which they now seemingly are trying to denounce with/through the publication of the Report, that they cannot even understand the extent of their affection. Denouncing the results of the methods and not the philosophy of its approval and put into practice, as also its defense till today, US officials including the ones who helped to its publication seem not able of understanding where the importance lies about, or so they try to look alike.

Making “finding No 1” a matter of efficiency raises lots of questions on accountability of the US institutional order towards protecting its very Constitution as US lawmakers remarkably and most observably fail to distinguish between fundamentally important values they are obliged to protect and defend and politically propagandizing details or statements their leaders, institutions or authorities may opt to use from time to time, from Presidency to Presidency or from War to War, beyond International and Constitutional Law and beyond Logic in some cases. To turn torture acceptable or rejectable as a matter of its efficiency equals to fundamentally disregard Human Rights’ universality and applicability. Should this logic prevail, one should only expect for a next generation of arguments or practices to develop, either from USA or from whichever other actor has similar power to project its will, as also from all their adversaries who will act under the instinct of revenge, who will all together be seeking to turn torture more and more “efficient” in terms of “actionable intelligence gathering”. Instead of completely excluding it as a practice and legally charging against any short of performance of torture, as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights does, raising the argument of “torture’s efficiency” – and to the more of it, as the No 1 argument of the Report – the investigating law-makers leave the door open for future “upgrade” or “update” or “knowledge development” on torture practices, processes and results, through test and error. This is a dangerous feature of the Report, leading to a possible despicable future, redesigned on the patterns of one of our worst versions of our past. Obviously, this is an unfortunate feature of the Report that cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, the US Torture Report underlines that CIA “misled” President Bush Jr, other White House officials and the overall National Security Community. President Bush Jr. was reportedly informed on the full range of the “programme” in 2006. Operational management was granted to and performed by the CIA who opted to lie to all institutional bodies overviewing its work, which development – in its turn – moved the decisions and actions of the mightiest executive of all times. Should this be true, it equals with an institutional coup-d-état of the Secret Services against the President of the US – nothing less than that. Moreover, through this misinformation the CIA led the USA to unrepairable actions against third parties, with no proper justification other than that rigged or influenced intelligence it was provided by a rigged Secret Service. Should this be the case, the crime equals to treason against US Constitution for the Secret Service officials, but also – possibly – to war crimes of the USA or of US officials for their actions against third countries or third parties, be it national, legal or physical entities. Yet, President Bush Jr who got misinformed during this CIA misinformation-with-severe-consequences-campaign is among the officials who still praise CIA for its “extraordinary work protecting US interests”.

This should not come as a surprise. During “the world is a battlefield” campaign of George Bush Jr, CIA gathered intelligence which proved rigged and biased but still led to a war against Iraq as also as to acts of war against third entities within the borders of other nations and/or to the death of certain individuals “wherever they may were on the planet”. And while one can only blame CIA for transferring up-channel rigged information and/or for failing to exclude from final intelligence products the bias and personal beliefs of the agents having worked on torturing their enemies, even if they should have never been involved with such a task to which they were hardly more equipped and trained to perform than the average human being, one should equally observe that this misinformation flow took part within a formally approved and authorized framework of actions, the “world is a battlefield” doctrine.

Officials at the highest ranks approved and publicly defended the legality of torture. The notion of “terrorist combatants” was introduced to distinct these prisoners from war prisoners, so they get excluded from their fundamental human rights. In other words, prior to CIA misinforming the President of the USA and other National Intelligence Community participants on the intelligence gathered through torture, it was the USA President and the Congress that have authorised the CIA to gather intelligence with all means necessary, including torture. On the basis of this authorization and during “the hit of the battle”, under specific legal requirements forged from the team of President Bush Jr, torture-officers “went wild with it”, maybe more wild than they were asked or just as much – on this we will never know. So, blaming only the people producing the feedback content of an illegal mechanism and accusing them for the overall dysfunction and the resulting problematic outcome should not exclude the legal responsibility of those having installed the mechanism, have legally and publicly defended its existence and have put it into practice with their very political and legal actions.

All persons and institutions responsible for the violation of Human Rights should be held accountable; the persecution against the violators of human dignity recognizes no exceptions. If this is not the case and exceptions prove to exist and they are subsequent to power or relative social position, economic or political or other necessities or peculiarities or anything else for what that matters, the Human Rights provisions face the danger of becoming in the most profound way a double-standard or triple-standard or more-standards framework, which will then not be into position to either protect any kind of rights, or cure any kind of wrongs. Should this become the case, “credibility” and “accountability” of international players will suffer a strong retreat, leaving once again the future open to mistrust, misconception, destruction, human misery and total war, with no other rule into practice but “the end justifies the means”. This cannot be but a battle of all sufferers and imposers of injustices against all other sufferers and imposers of injustices that can never end; this can only be a perpetual battle of torturers and terrorists against rival torturers and terrorists, a battle of no dignity and no foreseeable end but with total victory irrespective to the cost. This is a world of apocalyptic, eschatological madness, a world of offenders fighting counter-offenders and revengers fighting counter-revengers. The process need to be stopped before it is too late, if it already is not. Especially because climate-change “changes everything” and we can neither afford to lose time, nor to waste human resources in our effort to collectively survive a very uncertain future, this process of madness development needs to be stopped the soonest possible. We cannot opt to stop it later; later already is short and it will become shorter and shorter the longer we fail to come to a common understanding, moving towards a new – and last most probably – epic human collision.  

Preliminary conclusions and remarks

Chaos can only be the result if the eternal cycle of revenge is not broken and Human Rights collapse, at the aftermath of these revelations as a consequence of the failure of the world community to persecute the Architects of the Torture. Should the designers, approvers, authorizers and final perpetrators of the Torture Crimes not be punished according to US Constitution but also according to International Law, as the Terror Crimes should be, both the West and the World will turn into gradual pieces, through chaos. Chaos is the ideal situation for Terror and Torture to thrive but it is also the result after they have intermixed, breeding results. To put chaos into the past and not project it further to the future, we need to give an end to the era of lies, deception and revenge. After all, this is a matter deserving to become a matter of efficiency. Lying to the end failed already to provide with a clear winner of the war between terrorizing torturers and torturing terrorists; having transformed already to a perpetual fighting that produces thousands of victims, giving an end to the lies is actually the only way left that seems to be right.

Should we fail to this essential task ahead us, should we leave Human Rights violators, torturers and terrorists walk among us with a smile on their face and a sense of honor for their services, these very lies that were not punished and these very victims that got no justice for their sufferings and deaths will return and revenge, even from their graves if already dead. Justice creates justice; injustice creates further injustice; pain and death without justice creates revenge; lies nurture more lies and then they backfire again through revenge. The end of lies on the other hand, through liars’ legal persecution and punishment according to their crimes and despite of their position within society, whichever society that is, may bring a gradual end to the circle of violence and revenge; the opposite will only boost Terror and Torture, letting them produce the chaos they have always seek to achieve as it is only through this chaos that their almighty nature may survive and thrive, giving extra benefits to their leaders, extra pain to their followers and very narrow limits for all, including the planet.

The Need for a Strategic Assessment of the Release and the necessary Framework of Analysis

In politics and especially in high-politics, nothing happens without a reason. During our Times of Troubles as Dr. Kaplan calls it in his “Revenge of the Geography” (Robert D. Kaplan, Random House Trade Paperbacks, New York, 2013), when war is marching in lots of geopolitical fronts and multiple economic, political and social fields, implicating more and more actors in more and more confrontations, with all means and all resources the actors have under their disposal, expanding from local to regional to global and becoming total to the very sense of the term, one should be wise enough to look for the strategic implications of the players’ moves. Strategic actors move having thought of their next move, while marching on the path of war. The most dangerous strategic actor of all times, the USA, being on “war on terror” for 13 years non-stop and participating in a “world reconstruction” that covers the whole western hemisphere, MENA, Central Eurasia, South East Asia, the Pacific, China and Japan, as also as the world financial sector, the world energy sector, the world industry of security, be it personal, national or international, the industry of knowledge, education and learning, all fields of science and innovation, the deep waters and the space and all other fields of human ingenuity, production and management – a total confrontation that is – is the player that most surely than not does no move at all without prior full assessment of implications and consequences, as all moves it will do or fail to do are doomed to be strategic and move all other players’ response. Inaction in world politics counts also as action. 

The fact that the report was not released till today was a strategic move of the US, with implications for all parties who – having all proofs they needed for their cause – were confronted with US denial of events. But equally, the release of the report is also a strategic move, with implications and results for all parties, who will have to face the new facts and respond swiftly, in due time, with the most important results for their cases. Generally speaking, there is no move of a great power that may not be seen as strategic, as great powers are only great for their “velocity”, which is capable of moving other powers, or non-powers aiming to be powers, or anybody else for what that matters. USA, despite claims and signs indicating it is in the process of general decline, still is the greatest power the world ever faced, knows it and behaves accordingly. Analysts and scientists and ordinary people who are used to look for clues and signs and horizon-scans in order to draw political conclusions for the future from great powers’ tactical moves, especially during war when actors do all they can to camouflage themselves and deceive the enemies, through and with and by deceiving friends also whenever necessary, need not to forget that in a war strategy put in action, all moves are assessed to their ability to produce final and complete victory. If they do not cope with this simple rule, great powers have historically proven that they abstain from political actions that could strategically hurt their interests, image, good reputation, etc., no matter the cost for their internal constituencies or their client countries. Great powers have historically proven to be ruthless animals, without any exception; they are not Hobbes’ Leviathans; they are or think they are Great Leviathans, while some of them become or think they have become Almighty ones. They are much more dangerous creatures and much more deadly ones; they are almost devine, as long as they live, as all gods, for what that matters. USA is – or thinks it is – the almightiest of them all, which equals to having the greatest velocity of them all, granting it the greatest space for maneuver, the widest and most distant vision to the horizon and the wildest manifested will to use all these advantages to maximize its comparative and absolute position against all other parties, now and in the future.

Within this framework of the Great Powers Game of the 21st century (see also “The 21st Century War Games”, A. Liakopoulos, Foreign Affairs Hellenic Edition, April 2014) one should try to bring into light the strategic move of the release of the report; references on transparency and accountability and any other policy may also be applicable, but the primary framework of analysis during wartime, for the warlords at least, is the strategic framework, nor the political or the tactical one, nor the economic or the social or whichever other one alone, but all of them together, more or less harmonically combined under a complete and comprehensive strategy able to produce results in well estimated time-circles. This is the ideal against all moves are or should be made and against which are or should be assessed.  Of course Great Powers’ moves will not always succeed 100% of the target as they are subsequent to counter-moves that will respond to their actions, to which they will also respond and the process will continue till the final result come into being and it proves the closest possible to the original target. Strategy, as war, is a dynamic process and flexibility, responsiveness, skill and will bring together its overall success; or they do not, leading to gradual, definite or indefinite defeat.

TortureAgainst this strategic background or, said differently, in this strategic dimensions of the environment the Report was released, adjusted to current realities. USA and President Obama know very well the Report is the psychological equivalent of a nuclear bomb and concrete, direct and indirect, permanent and profound as well as more superficial and temporary results will be produced. People are interactive animals; they are responsive to stimulus; in a shocked state of mind, they produce shocked responses. People will respond and most will be shocked while responding; the advocates of the Human Rights will be most severely and profoundly responsive, as they will get the official approval of their past actions and the acceptance of their long claims against torture for over a decade; all Ministries of External Affairs of the planet will have to allocate minds, money and equipment to spot what is important to be spotted within the numerous pages; Newspapers and Social Media will “explode” over the subject; commentators will comment, journalists will investigate more, writers will write; peoples’ time will be filled with one more news “made in USA”; airtime will be filled accordingly most profoundly; UN and NGO community will respond asking for persecutions; everybody will look for arguments for their case and audiences for their arguments; as long as they do, both the speakers and the audiences will consume their time, their passion, their ingenuity, their fantasy and their energy for the new cause of indictment of the architects of torture, a cause for which they do not have a strategy and till they forge one they will have to face the new reality with a sense of relief and joy, as – after all – a much needed victory for their cause is finally achieved and Torture was exposed. “The only thing now left is for its masterminds to face justice”. Only it is not that simple, neither that easy, as those masterminds are directly connected with the US Almighty Leviathan’s image and future possibilities. Examined without strategic lenses, the Report seems like a victory for the causes of Human Rights advocates, at least in the short term. Putting the lenses on, things may come to see otherwise, at least after the medium run and extending to the long one.

Responses, US repositioning, Great Game Strategies and final conclusions

“The release of the so-called CIA torture report will likely create momentum that will lead to justice”, UN special rapporteur for torture Juan Mendez told RT. He said the UN will not “take no for an answer” and that each torturous act must be investigated. The damning report on CIA torture has forced Poland to finally admit that it hosted a secret American prison, with former President Aleksander Kwasniewski coming forward with the revelation. However, Kwasniewski claimed that Polish officials were not informed of the torture tactics being used in the secret jail.”

As well-expected, the debate opened and participants are of the highest profile possible. Human Rights are at stake and the authorities obliged to protect them, the same authorities who failed to protect from Torture having happened and missed to defend the Human Rights in the most profound way when their contribution was most needed, are keen to come in public with their willingness to “not take no for an answer”. Senator Mark Udall of Colorado, a Democrat on the committee and a longtime critic of the C.I.A. interrogations puts the blame on CIA, asking for Director Brennan’s paradigmatic punishment and for CIA coming into terms with the past, instead of denying it. In his words: “Director Brennan and the C.I.A. today are continuing to willfully provide inaccurate information to misrepresent the efficacy of torture,” Mr. Udall said. “In other words, the C.I.A. is lying.”, as reported by NY Times, adding the President should “purge” the agency leadership, including Mr. Brennan. Obviously, for Mr. Udall Mr. Brennan is enough of a scape-goat and his paradigmatic “purge” would most probably serve as a catharsis for the USA. Through blaming Brennan and CIA for all Torture, Mr. Udall redraws responsibility from higher ranks of US leadership and lowers the level of the demands for a full justice to be served.

NY Times continue: “Mr. Brennan has adamantly denied that the C.I.A. deliberately misled the public and plans to defend the agency in a speech at its headquarters on Thursday. The White House defended him on Wednesday. “John Brennan is a decorated professional and a patriot,” said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary. “And he is somebody that the president relies on, on a daily basis to keep this country safe.” After Tuesday’s release of the executive summary of the report, Mr. Obama repeated his belief that the techniques used after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, constituted torture and betrayed American values… President Obama “[is] between a rock and a hard place” as Karen Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at the Fordham University School of Law…” puts it.

President Obama may be between a rock and a hard place and USA may seem cornered, through and after Torture Report was released. But are they really?

At the aftermath of the release, President Obama’s White House and he himself lowered the expectations for punishments. What they practically respond to UN’s “I will not take a no for an answer” is “like it or not, you‘ll have to take a no for an answer”. The Report is only to serve as a point to be remembered and not to be repeated, but not to produce legal effects, according to US stated policy so far. Undeniably, one more long battle, with legal and political means, will occur. It already takes place. But, Super Powers’ fights and their results are a matter of power; they are neither the matter of right nor the matter of the Law, even if they may seem they are. Appearance is to politics what water is to life: without the former, the latter cannot survive, with too much of it, the latter gets drawn. To balance appearances with content, strategists forge policies corresponding to existing realities.

TortureWhile realities change, policies adjust and tactics do so as well. To our current world, with its (New) Great Game going on, while realities change massively every day, from Turkey to Syria to Iraq to Iran to Egypt to Ukraine to the whole of Eurasia and the whole of Africa and further to the rest of the world, as well as from oil price-wars to financial sanctions to new armament races and all other fields of antagonism, the Torture Report “re-shapes” the world in real-time, as it manages to trigger and possibly or partially control all other actors’ short-to-medium term responses and affect the time availability of all others to respond to this subject and all other ones, with the same resources they had, while an Information Nuclear Bomb was exploded.

If it suffices to say that USA stopped the “program”, which “violated some of our values”, but no punishments are to be expected, as President Obama claimed, then either double standards are introduced and accepted for the case of USA of all other parties as a matter of extraordinary exception – something not likely to happen for the most understandable of reasons – or Human Rights will fall all together de facto, as they will fail to be protected in one of their most severe disruptions ever recorder and examined. USA Torture Report, examined with strategic lenses on, has all the potential to erase Human Rights once and for all, if proper legal follow-up is not done. It is stated that no intention exists for such a follow-up and it is demanded from the rest of the world to accept the situation as such, without any penalties. “There was a mistake, we found it, we fix it, and all should be forgotten” is the implied logic. Except for victims will seek for justice and as far as they do not find it with legal means, they will to a certain degree look for it in various other ways, catastrophic in most cases, both for the perpetrators and for their victims, which in most cases will have nothing to do with the actual wrong-doers but will only serve as the proofs of a desperate attempt beyond sanity for a “collective punishment” of the society that deprived them or their beloved ones in their capacity as victims of torture from their most fundamental human rights, their dignity or even their very life. Revenge, terrorism and city-based guerilla warfare, from units acting alone or in concert, with a common cause or under ad hoc alliances, is what remains when international community gets disrupted and collapses under the weight of the structural injustices and pain, which comes as the resulting effect of previously fundamental treaties being disregarded or rejected unilaterally, directly or indirectly.

To maintain stability to the world and avoid chaos, USA needs to conform to UN and Human Rights advocates’ requests for plain and full accountability and justice of the highest ranks of US government. Since this should not be expected to happen as it would bring an unbearable coup to the image of the epicenter of the western civilization, possibly leading to its total collapse, a lot of questions remain for the actual strategic importance of the release of the Torture Report and the strategic aims the US government seeks to gain leverage in achieving. Yet, questions should be asked and the debate should bring into light parameters that are and will remain hidden, if we are to succeed in understanding what the master-deceiver deceives the world about, instead of getting deceived to believe no deception goes on and it is only a democratic move of exposing corrupt “programs” and putting an end to injustices as a counter-balance to the impossibility of giving a start to justice.

TortureAs long as the “world is a battlefield” has not been denounced as the official declaration of US strategic orientation, expanding its scope and field every day and every hour, one should only count all moves of the American centralized system of power as moves forged by and designed for the necessity of war; since war is a matter of strategy, no major move of any international actor that is expected to create effects of strategic importance ever happen without clear calculations, scenario analysis and careful adjustments to other parties final responses, which might differ or not from the expectations and as long as these responses are not finally manifested, they cannot be dealt with, assessed and counter-responded. Actors’ moves move other actors and “shape” them through these very moves; successful actors’ moves move other actors to the desired spot, or position, or environment, or field of confrontation and “shape them” according to the will of the original “mover”, the player who puts in motion the action with his/her first, initial move. Initiators maintain per se a very big advantage to “end games” and total war as occurring and expanding, deepening and widening its scope, spilling over and under in most of cases, becoming “dirty” (see “Dirty Wars”, J. Scahill) and “remote” (see “The Changing Face of the Empire: Special Ops, Drones, Spies, Proxy Fighters, Secret Bases and Cyberwarfare”, Nick Turse, Dispatch Books Project, Haymarket Books, 2012) whenever needed and employing tactics that no other war ever in the past employed which seek to win the “heart and the minds” of the enemy (see “The Way of the Knife”, Mark Mazzetti, The Penguin Press, 2013) along with its infrastructures, institutions, territory and everything else for what that matters, is an endgame to its very core.

More players ‘play the game’ day by day now and their overall interaction creates the environment of the future battlefields, as it “shapes” both the enemy and the battlefield. The player who initiates a move maintains the advantage, so whenever a move is made, the analyst of international politics and strategy who aims to maintain its impartiality should look for the advantages created for the “mover”, the disadvantages for the rest of the players and the possible results at the aftermath. Under this perspective, exposing Torture it itself has produced, USA shocks the world, occupies the time everyone else will spend to respond to this shock, destructs a good amount of views in other fields and fronts of the global battle to which it can strategically move while “the whole world is watching” the Report and if it manages to overcome UN and Human Rights advocates’ demand for full accountability and punishments as is well-expected for reasons of power and not reasons of Reason or Law, it will either become the final decision-maker on Human Rights questions with a double-standard sword having replaced the balance of the blind Justice, or will erase them once and for all, letting chaos be unleashed.

In any of these scenarios, the USA is essential to the future, no matter how dark this becomes. Being essential to the future is what Great and Almighty Leviathans want, seek and fight for as if they are not essential, they may not be at all: their size stipulates exaggerated needs, for which their “essentiality” to everyone else’s mind is of central importance. Leviathans may survive even a collapsing future in their ever-current mind, as long as they can forge their ever-current essentiality of the future; what Leviathans cannot only survive, what they cannot ever imagine, think and make up their mind to work for is a for a future that foresees their collapsing essentiality, no matter how stable and safe that may look. Whatever else Great and Almighty Leviathans may be projected alike, their image is only a matter of appearance and propaganda, not essence, content and truth. Leviathans think they are beautiful and state their beauty; they cannot think of themselves as ugly and if their ugliness gets exposed, death may follow. Great Leviathans and Almighty ones suffer the same problems greatly or almighty; but they can never escape this trap and keep playing beautiful till they prove ugly to the point of death: USSR is maybe the most iconic of close historic examples of this very reality. This should not be forgotten in the West; neither it should be disregarded or undervalued within its Metropolis, the USA. Failures to the lessons of History lead Leviathans into becoming History, instead of creating.

Concluding, the Torture Report is an essential document for multiple of reasons, which will create massive effects and will shape our current and future world. It should be viewed as a well-designed strategic move of the USA, which builds upon instead of destroying political lines between US Democrats and Conservatives, as also on the strategic lines of the whole of the West and beyond that, to the whole of the 54 countries that participated to the “program”, who – as was stated – “should not finger-pointing the USA as their record is also bad”; there are proofs to show so for all implicated parties, one may add.

The release of Torture Report, as the creation of the overall establishment of US Torture and its creations through destruction of the most basic Human Rights and Rule of Law, is strategically designed and as such is greatly illusive; therefore, it has all the qualifications to prove successful. Unfortunately, it may end up succeeding in getting what it wishes which –for Almighty Leviathans also - can only lead to chaos, through which the “survival of the fittest” may be verified or disproved at the end, with “the end” being conceived in the widest and most simple definition it can obtain: the final end of everything.

Tags: #TortureReport, Torture, USA, Human Rights, Strategy, Great Game, International Politics, Shock, Dirty Wars, Public Opinion, Times of Troublesrelease of the US Torture Report

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