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By Ambassador (ret.) Alexandros P. Mallias , Date of Lecture 18.3.2014
This article is based on the text of Ambassador Mallias lecture organised by the YASAR University ( Izmir) , on 18 March,2014

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Never Again, Interrupted!

By Alexandros Mallias, Date of Lecture 25.10.2013
Retired Greek Ambassador Alexandros P. Mallias gave this lecture at the Public University of Prizren under the auspices of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, October 25, 2013. The paper was first published in

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Face On In East China Sea: A Chicken Game Made For Giants

1. Introduction: A Game Theory Designed For Giants?

Face On To understand the Strategic Chicken Game developing in East China Sea between China and USA, through Japan or – more precisely – with Japan serving as the facilitator of the process and other nations trying to gain access to the process as well, one needs to primarily understand the nature of the Game and to put it in its concrete historical and geopolitical context, prior to attempting to interpret the hardcore facts. Without such an exercise, one may be lead to wrong conclusions, due to the appearance of things, which might prove completely different from their nature. When Power Giants chose to challenge each other on an important – at least for the one of the implicated parties – strategic environment, which risks to get transformed to Death Ground due to choice and/or due to an accident, as is now occurring in East China Sea, the context can provide with perspective. Without perspective, the Giants’ actions may appear completely incomprehensible, or inconsistent, with other actions of them occurring in the same time, past actions of them, or their future aspirations.

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Horizon 2020: an opportunity Europe cannot afford to miss



The 21st of November 2013, the European Parliament approved the Horizon 2020 Research Programme, a €70,2 billion financial instrument designed to be the main implementation tool of “the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness.”, as the European Commission mentions on its website.

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Power Playing (with) Social Media: Leaders, Go Wild or Vanish!


A.General Introduction

1)  Observing a High Politics’ Change of Ethics?

There are a lot of good readings “out there” on the disruptive role of social media and the new technologies of communication/interaction. “Disrupt” may got turned into an overused world, as Business Insider, a major disruptor of the global media industry believes: I also believe so. Risking falling into the trap I opened for myself, I believe that not enough have been written, not enough have been said and not enough have been thought upon the disruptive role of social media and the new technologies of communication/interaction to high politics. 

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